Career Checklist – Is Your Career in Good Health?

Innov8 Synergy’s Career Health Check ensures that you are focused on what you need from your career. Mainly because we have the right prescription to help you to take stock of where your career is at. 

Taking your Career Pulse

Innov8 Synergy Talent Management Career Health Check will help those who need new ideas or motivation for a career change. However, the program is mainly aimed at those have some career management skills already in place. Best described as a two-session light-touch approach. We will help you to reconfigure a CV, look at transferable skills, personal career brand elements etc and find the confidence to apply for positions previously thought unachievable. 

We will help you with the following areas:

  • Investigate your career goals and focus on what you would like to achieve in your career
  • Revise your CV utilising up to date methods for highlighting your strengths, abilities, value and beliefs about your career.
  • Focus what is important to you at any stage of your career – part-time, full-time or your own business?
  • Understand what tasks motivate you and your career drivers?
  • Job searching skills, including social media and methods of accessing the invisible job market
  • Support to manage an interview and the ability to tell your story to great effect.

“Let’s work together to move your career forward”